Whether you are looking to scale programs, update your business model or become generally more sustainable, we will help you:

  • Streamline and strengthen your funding strategies

  • Capitalize on your organizational strengths

  • Refine your messaging

  • Propel your staff’s effectiveness

Private foundations have become our specialty. Whether your organization seeks to dip its toe into the national funder landscape, develop a new program or scale a veteran one, our model integrates the strategic thinking of a C-suite executive with the detailed recommendations of a front-line development officer. 


Your time is short, your to-do list is long and you are determined to serve as many stakeholders as possible.  Your board can serve as an engine to your success. Our work will help you:

  • Clarify roles and responsibilities

  • Increase board member engagement

  • Foster a culture of philanthropy and increased giving

  • Improve attendance

  • Recruit future leaders

Our model capitalizes on your board’s existing strengths and builds collective momentum. 


Current topics include nonprofit income generation, board development and consultant training. Formats range from breakout sessions to keynotes to one- and two-day workshops: 

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Susan stands out as a valuable consultant because of her professionalism, follow up, attention to detail and overall impressive skill level. She is a valuable asset and a key extension of our team.

— Charles Harman, Chief Development Officer, NAMI